Autumn newsletter 2016

 Autumn Newsletter 2016carnival-lf

Welcome back after the Summer holidays ☺

We have a range of exciting activities planned for your child this term with our topic focusing on ‘Carnival, Colours, Numbers and Shapes’

We hope you have all been enjoying our Carnival Tent in the home corner where we have been listening to music and exploring shape and colour which links in to Mathematics within the Early Years Foundation Stage.  There has been a range of other learning opportunities for your children such as mark making using different sized bricks, making people out of shapes and creating handprints for our new handprint rainbow!

Our pre-school hrainbowave also been joining in with some colour mixing activities-one example is using skittle sweets on a china plate and then pouring warm water over them to create a rainbow effect…this would be great for you to try at home ☺

We have also been very creative in making carnival hats and masks as well as junk modelling to create our own carnival floats 🙂

We have been enjoying going out and about in the village and also looking at the boats at Vellator and the different shapes of the windows and other parts of them.

Our babies have been exploring sensory inputs – sounds, music and touch (eg gloop, water and materials) and joining the older ones on walks. Communication and Language is at the core of your child’s development and we have been exploring different ways to get our message across – using basic instructions in a variety of ways – verbal, non-verbal, pictorial etc. Our activities and experience planning changes from day to day and is designed to be flexible to adapt to the children’s interests and current events as they arise.


We will also be looking at changes from Summer to Autumn, going on walks to find conkers, leaves and other Autumnal things. As a common theme throughout our activities this term will be focusing on EXPLORING and also the prime area of Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) – looking particularly at our Feelings, how we interact with each other and looking at how our feelings influence how we behave/react to others.


If you would like to have a look at any of our planning or talk through activities in more detail, our friendly staff will be happy to share. ☺


Dates   for Diary: 31st Oct – 4th Nov 2016 – Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Nightfireworks

Throughout the week we will be making firework pictures and displays, exploring light, colour and sounds, and talking about how to stay safe whilst having fun!

Date for Diary: 11th November – Remembrance Day

During earremembrance-dayly November we will be making poppies with the children and talking about why we wear them and how doing so helps support the men and women who have been injured, and to honour and respect those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of our country and for our freedom.  Lest We Forget.


Date for Diary: 18th November – Pyjama Party

This year, to support Children in Need, we will be having apyjama-day Pyjama Day and a cake sale and raffle on Friday 18th November. Suggested donation will be £1 but you are welcome to donate more for this worthy cause. All money raised goes towards supporting disadvantaged children in the UK to work towards each and every child being safe, happy and secure – with a chance to reach their full potential. During November we will be talking with the children about what this means to encourage them to think of others and how we can all help to make a difference in others’ lives.

Date for Diary: Wednesday 2nd November 2016 – Tempest Photography (Individual Photos)

If this isn’t your child’s regular session you’re welcome to bring them in for 2:00pm to have their photo taken ☺


2yr old Progress Check

This is a reminder to parents of our commitment to multi-agency working, for the support of your child. Your child will be due a health check at age 2yr and to have the new EYFS requires us to have input into this in the form of a 2yr progress check. Please can you let us know as soon as you are aware of the date of your child’s health check in order that we can provide you with an up to date progress check to take along. If you have any questions please ask ☺

2gether, EYEg and other funding options

There is a wide range of funding options to help with childcare costs which we can help you with. We are currently accepting children onto the 2gether funding programme which provides 11-15hr per week of funded care and education for 2yr olds. Please ask if you feel your family would benefit from this.

The Early Years Education grant provides (EYEg) 15hr of funded care and education (term time only) for ALL 3 year olds from the term they become 3 until school age. If your child turns 3 this term please speak to us about making the most of this funding.

We are pleased to announce that both the EYEg and 2gether funding are available for either Term Time only, or for All Year. This flexibility will help you make the most of the funding available to you, avoiding those large bills during the school holidays and enabling parents to budget more effectively throughout the year.

Tax Credits and Childcare Vouchers also help towards paying for your child’s nursery fees. If you would like any help and advice on this or any other aspect of your child’s care please do not hesitate to ask.

As always, feedback is very welcome. Please use the forms in branch, call us on 01271 817968, email at [email protected] or speak directly to Beth, Yasmine or Leona who will be happy to help.

Thank you for your support and have an enjoyable Autumn Term,

Beth and the Little Fishes Team 🙂