Summer Newsletter 2016

fishes_logoWe have a range of exciting activities planned for your children throughout the summer, our topic this month is ‘Transport, Communities and People’. We will be going out and about in the village learning about the jobs of local people and how others can help us, such as the fire brigade and police, also talking about  safety when out and about!  


In the Under 3’s room we have been creating different activities within our role play corner, using chairs as an impromptu vehicle for the fire station, the children enjoyed dressing up, using the tubing as hose pipes and speaking about how they help people! We have also been using a range of different sized boxes to do some junk modelling to make vehicles and exploring the marks that cars make through trailing them through paint and water.

stop thinkPre-school have enjoyed circle time where they have been discussing their own personal journeys on how they get to places and also about road safety and sharing news about their families and friends. This is supporting their Personal, Social and Emotional Development and Communication and Language Development.

Our babies are also joining in through using their senses such as hand and foot printing to create cars and pictures. They have also been exploring treasure baskets and movements of different objects such as the big car wheels! They have also enjoyed songs, rhymes and looking at the sensory books.

Pbaby feetlease can you provide some spare clothes for water play and messy play

As well as all our usual walks around the village, to the woods, park and local amenities, we have also been exploring down along the river and Tarka Trail – if you would like to provide sandals or crocs for cooler feet that would be great!

With the weather becoming hotter please can you provide individually labelled sun cream and sunhat for your child.

It would be very much appreciated if you could return any clothes that your child may have borrowed.

Thank you

brown crab2yr old Progress Check

This is a reminder to parents of the movement towards multi-agency working for the support of your child. Your child will be due a health check at age 2yr and to have the new EYFS requires us to have input into this in the form of a 2yr progress check. Please can you let us know as soon as you are aware of the date of your child’s health check in order that we can provide you with an up to date progress check to take along. If you have any questions please ask

2gether, EYEg and other funding options

There is a wide range of funding options to help with childcare costs which we can help you with. We are currently accepting children onto the 2gether funding programme which provides 11-15hr per week of funded care and education for 2yr olds. Please ask if you feel your family would benefit from this.

The Early Years Education grant provides (EYEg) 15hr of funded care and education (term time only) for ALL 3 year olds from the term they become 3 until school age. If your child turns 3 this term please speak to us about making the most of this funding.

We are pleased starfishto announce that both the EYEg and 2gether funding will be available for either Term Time only, or for All Year. This flexibility helps you make the most of the funding available to you, avoiding those large bills during the school holidays and enabling parents to budget more effectively throughout the year. Please ask for more information.

Tax Credits and Childcare Vouchers also help towards paying for your child’s nursery fees. If you would like any help and advice on this or any other aspect of your child’s care please do not hesitate to ask.

Term dates

Friday 22nd July – Summer term ends (unless you have been informed of a change to your child’s funding hours. Please ask if unsure)

Monday 29th August – Closed Bank Holiday

Monday 5th September – Autumn term starts

purple fishWe would like to wish all those going up to school in September the best of luck and do pop back and show us your uniforms! For our All Year round children, staying with us throughout August, we look forward to sharing our fun-packed schedule getting out and about loads, listening to your exciting stories and enjoying loads of fun activities. To our term time children, have a great Summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in September!

Parent / Carer Viewssunshine

As you are aware we are not just here for your children – much of our work is done with individual families, supporting parents through a range of issues; from picky eaters to toilet training, behaviour management to sleep routines etc. As parents, we know you have some fantastic ideas to share – strategies you have used, things that have worked as well as those less successful plans (don’t worry, we all have ‘em!) – as these often form the basis of action plans we help put in place. We would love to hear your views on how this support is working for you, as well as any other aspect of the service we provide. Equally if you have any ‘top tips’ for parenting, that have come out of these meetings, or any other training or research you may have done please complete the slip below and popping it into the feedback box in the entrance, or handing to a member of staff.

Beth and the Little Fishes Team



Ways Little Fishes effectively supports me / my family

Ways Little Fishes effectively supports my child

General feedback / ideas for improvements

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Toileting & nappies

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Any other comments

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